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Extra Activities

extra activities surfcamp

We offer different services for surfers or non-surfers. If you are a total beginner or never surfed before the surf school package is an option for you. If you are an intermediate or experienced surfer you will be able to surf in many different conditions, and also know how to find good surf with all swell directions, then surf guiding Packages is a great option.

If you are a group and you would like to surf and some excursion to some nearest city like Marrakech, Essaouira, Tafraout, Agadir souk (traditional Moroccan market) be sure that we can help you.

Souk Shopping traditional Market

shopping souk agadir

The traditional Moroccan market of Agadir name SOUK ELHAD. it’s one of the largest in Africa and very spacious aisles light comes across not like the one in Marrakech or Fes, it’s much less expensive the very welcoming and helpful shopkeepers give good advice especially for spices and traditional stuff.
We are only 20 mins drive. bus number 32 that drive from Taghazout Village to Agadir city. or if you need a taxi for sure we can help to organize.

Relaxing Massage and Hammam

hammam massage

After few surfing days it is normal to feel some curvature its really good idea to try Relax Massage with Argan oil or Moroccan Hammam that could help to relax your muscles after hard paddling, when you will decide to try don’t hesitate to ask your instructor to give you more information they can show you the local salon even they can make a reservation if needed.


yoga surf morocco

Yoga is particularly well suited to surfers’ needs. While a new surfer can get benefits from the strength-building qualities of asana practice, others more experienced will get more out of a slower, stretcher practice, either immediately after riding or on a day off. Just a few mindful, easy stretches will prevent muscles from settling into a shortened, stiff position, and will make your next surf session that much more enjoyable and productive.
Join our sunrise and sunset yoga classes offered 6 days a week.

Visit Agadir City

visit agadir

The leading seaside resort in Morocco deserves its title. A 10km-long beach of fine sand and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. With its perfect -climate, providing a minimum of 300 days of sunshine a year, and its 10km-long beach, Agadir has everything you need.

Excursion to Legzira

excursion legzira

In between 2 big cities – Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, you can find Morocco’s most unique beach called Legzira – windy, rocky and with it’s two majestic red stone arches carved by water and wind. Kind of must? visit place.
If you are a group minimum, 5 persons, we will assist and organize the day tour.

Trip to Paradise Valley

visit paradise valley agadir

30 Min drive from the surf camp, the paradise valley located in a heart of the Atlas Mountains. You will swim in a natural swimming pool. and also you can try cliff jumps.

Excursion to Tafraout

excursion tafraout

Based in the gorgeous Ameln Valley, the village of Tafraoute is surrounded by red-granite Mountains. Despite its unassuming appearance. It is a pleasant and relaxed base for exploring the region.